8 Studio Productions

We are a music studio production house, 8 Studio Productions, our management company is Trisaddy 8 Production Pte. Ltd. We are a company mainly focusing on music production house and events managements for various corporate and individuals packages.

Tel: 96482675/923

Alliance Music Group ( AMG ) Studios

A company dedicated to music and music related events or gig opportunities.

Tel: 91478339

Anaki Records

With party-up gigs, multi-genre compilation albums, music workshops & outdoor music festivals that put out the freshest in local talent, Anaki Records wicked bands, cool DJs, party maestros and art fiends guarantee one hell of a gig, each and every time.

Tel: 65348016

Backbeat Studios

Backbeat Studios is an audio-post and media production facility that delivers top notch productions at cost-effective prices. To keep you (and your clients) happy, we constantly hone our craft and techniques to work at the highest efficiency.

Tel: 96775539

Blackbox Recording Studios

With a vision to support all music or audio productions and a mission to churn out broadcast standard recordings, we give nothing but the best.

Tel: 83508291

Boon Musical Instrument Centre

Boon Musical Instrument Centre started as early as 1989, for over 20 years in the industry providing Direct Rental of Musical Instruments, Studio for Jamming / Practices/ Rehearsals, Audio & Light System Equipment Rentals. Over the years we have rendered our services from Small to Large Scale Stage Performances, Concerts, Trade Shows & etc. We also provide our equipments to local & global Artist around Lion City Singapore.

Tel: 62881289

Dreambox Studio

DreamBox started with the vision of integrating ideas into creative media content, regardless of platform. Bearing no constrains on perspectives and interpretations had allowed DreamBox to make anything possible. Apart from having its own facility, DreamBox has carved an image for itself, gradually taking position as a multimedia production company covering your needs.

Tel: 98627987

Epic Studio

Epic Studio have been in operation since Mar 2011 and our core business is providing services in rehearsal studios for musicians of all genres. Apart from that, we rent out musical equipments and sound systems for small and medium scale events like gigs, wedding receptions, roadshows and many more.

Tel: 67488128

Flutter Sound Studio

Recording, Digital Media, Audio & Video Production, Post-Production, Recording Studio

Tel: 67171000

Greendoor Studios

MUSIC PRODUCTIONS: Predominantly the mainstay for majority of our projects such as albums/singles/demos, soundtracks, radio-jingles and commercial spots - our music services encompass an assortment task of conceptualizing, songwriting, composing, arranging, sequencing, programming, tracking, mixing, mastering and finally packaging and duplicating. AUDIO POST: More than just music, our services also include integration with other multi media formats such as film, video and web based projects. Our audio post services include digital mastering, format transfer, restoration, sound design, (ADR) voice-overs, foleys and sound editing for film & video.

Tel: 62505848

L Cube Music Studio

In L Cube, we strive to provide a clean, cosy, spacious and comfortable environment so as to inspire each and every musician who rehearse at our studios. A lot of efforts has also been done in maintaining an Overall Excellent Sound Quality of each and every studio rooms. Whether you focus on sound quality, equipments, pricing or size of studio rooms, L Cube Music Studio will definitely have a room which meets your requirements.

Tel: 62233955

Lithe Paralogue

A cosy hideout for musicians/artists and music/art lovers alike. Apart from hosting live musical performances, and providing the space for rehearsals and recording services, The Lithe Paralogue Studio also showcases artworks of Media Arts and Fine Arts.

Tel: 86073534

Live AMP studios

LiveAMP brings you four premium rehearsal studios to give you inspiration to nurture your talent and hone your skills. Each room is equipped with top of the line gears from respected brands such as Fender, Orange, Vox, Marshall, Yamaha, and Hartke to name a few. We have also expanded our lobby which now includes a "gear exchange" section (i.e., where customers can sell their un-used gears) and a guitar maintenance workshop. Our revamped services now includes Rehearsal, Guitar Maintenance, Band Equipment Rental, PA Rental, and Music Recording (up to 16 tracks simultaneous recording using Presonus and microphones from Audix, Shure, AKG and others).

Tel: 93857089

Music Ensemble

Jamming Studios Right In The Heart of Town

Tel: 63381210

Playground Studio

Playground Studio is a musical idea that begun in 1998. It started out as a place for a bunch of musicians to call home to jam and create music. Not long after, they started doing live shows, album productions and recordings. After a decade of musical opuses, fun filled projects and 3 studio locations, they created their own music label and have also started scoring for movies. Playground Studio believes in creating original and memorable works, be it a personal project or commercial commissions.

Tel: 64383834


Providing services of TV ads jingle composition, voice-over recording, TV programme audio post production, full band demo/album recordings at affordable rates. Shiinstudio, started in 2009 as a studio space for music rehearsals providing full band equipments at affordable rates. After years in the scene, apart from serving it’s primary purpose for rehearsals, the studio had venture in recording and post production services for Upcoming bands, Corporate companies, Film and Media Companies such Mediacorp Chinese Drama Team, MediaCorp Capital Radio FM95.8, ShopFM, Rupture Production. So do check us out to find out more about the studio.

Tel: 98784628

Sonic Studio

Sonic was established in 1994 and is well-known for its excellent recording and mixing facilities. Designed by a renowned audio engineer, the recording studio and control room are fully acoustically treated and soundproofed.

Tel: 62944896

SoundFarm Production Studios

SoundFarm is a professional recording studio located in the north eastern part of Singapore, featuring the best of both vintage analog and modern digital tools. Music is our passion and we focus on making a big sound in an intimate setting.

Soundxpedia Studios

Jamming and Recording Studio, Audio equipments and musical instruments rental

Tel: 90483625

StereoImage Studios

At Stereo Image Productions (SIP), we are a team of professional musicians and sound engineers who are living the dream and loving it, full-time!

Tel: 62270770

The Basement Studio

Professional Recording/Music Production/ Rehearsal Studio.

Tel: 84891634

The Big N

Singapore Recording Studio, Jam Session

Tel: 81861903

TNT Music Productions

TNT Music Productions offer a wide range of services ranging from professional recording to post-production as well as equipment rental for live sets.

Tel: 63385065


Located in the heart of Chinatown, Vault Sixty4 provides a place for the practicing bands, professional musicians and performers. Whether you’re a band who’s looking for a practice session, a drummer who needs a place to play or just having fun with music. Have your own private music sessions. Make our location a perfect meeting place for you and your friends. Feel free to drop by and take a look at our Studio anytime of the week during operating hours.

Tel: 94773635


X- Jammin Studio will be a unique experience for all jammers and music lovers alike. We also rent our jam studios to individuals who wants to practice their drum skills, guitarist trying out our effects collection, & music teachers who needs studio equipment to teach their students at affordable rates.

Tel: 96793865

To update any information, please email us.